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PR Maven® Podcast | October 2022 Wrap-Up

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The PR Maven® Podcast October Wrap-Up

Listen to Nancy Marshall interview industry leaders, top executives, media personalities & online influencers about PR & their personal brand.

Episode 205: Strategies vs. Tactics: Understanding the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ in PR

What is the difference between strategies and tactics? Nancy talks about how to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ in PR.

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Episode 205

Episode 206: Tactics To Employ in the Sales Industry, With Tate Sandrock, Sales Associate with Newcastle Realty

What networking tactics work best in sales? Find out what tactics Tate Sandrock uses that have made him successful, such as letter writing.

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Tate Sandrock

Episode 207: Stand Out From the Crowd by Going Old School: Write Personal Thank-You Notes

With technology making it easier to communicate, how can your voice stand out from the crowd? Go old school by using the real written word.

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Episode 207

Episode 208: Key Strategies in PR Today and Why It Is Wrong To Think the Press Release Is Dead, With Jody Fisher, Vice President of Public Relations at Austin Williams

PR is always evolving, so how do you get media coverage today? Jody Fisher shares some of his best advice, including why it is wrong to think the press release is dead.

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Jody Fisher

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