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PR Maven® Podcast | October 2021 Wrap-Up

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The PR Maven® Podcast October Wrap-Up

Listen to Nancy Marshall interview industry leaders, top executives, media personalities & online influencers about PR & their personal brand.

Episode 153: How PR can help spread the word about your book, with Spencer Stephens, author of “Church of Golf” and “Blood Lily”

If you want people to know about you or your business, you have to put yourself out there. In this episode, Nancy speaks with Spencer Stephens, author of “Church of Golf” and “Blood Lily,” about writing and how PR is essential to getting your book noticed.

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Spencer Stephens

Episode 154: What The Tokyo Olympics Taught Us About Personal Branding

During the Tokyo Olympics, the importance of personal branding was on full display. Find out what you can learn about personal branding from the Olympics in this PR Maven® Podcast mini episode as Nancy shares one of her recent Forbes Agency Council articles.

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Episode 154

Episode 155: In Our Attention Economy, Good PR Means A Strong Domain Authority

What can you do to build your personal brand and attract your audience in our attention economy? Find out how to use domain authority to your advantage in this PR Maven® Podcast mini episode.

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Episode 156: Netflix’s “The Crown” Is Right: Old-Fashioned Writing Still Serves A Purpose

Did you binge-watch Netflix’s The Crown? If so, did you notice their habit of old-fashioned writing? Old-fashioned writing still serves a purpose.

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Episode 156

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