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PR Maven® Podcast | November 2020 Wrap-Up

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The PR Maven® Podcast November Wrap-Up

Listen to Nancy Marshall interview industry leaders, top executives, media personalities & online influencers about PR & their personal brand.

Episode 116: Understanding patterns to help reach your audience, with Juliet Clark, founder of Superbrand Publishing

Why do you need a customer avatar? Find out how Juliet Clark, founder of Superbrand Publishing, uses her audience avatar to determine which clients are a good fit for her in this episode.

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Juliet Clark

Episode 117: The importance of client relationships, with Brandy Runyan, CEO and founder of Black Diamond PR and Sports Management Firm

What is the secret to business success? In this episode, find out what Brandy Runyan, CEO and founder of Black Diamond PR and Sports Management Firm, attributes to her success. Hint: it has to do with client relationships.

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Brandy Runyan

Episode 118: How to communicate during a crisis, with Steve McCausland, communications specialist at Marshall Communications

Did you know we are now offering crisis communications services? Learn more about how we can help you in this PR Maven® Podcast episode featuring our new communications specialist, Steve McCausland!

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Steve McCausland

Episode 119: Using your network to live your dream, with Matt Javit, world traveler and publisher at World Barber Shop Adventures

How can you make your dream a reality? This week, Matt Javit talks about following his world-traveling dream, using his network and discovering his love for travel and barbershops.

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Matt Javit

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