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PR Maven® Podcast | December 2022 Wrap-Up

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The PR Maven® Podcast December Wrap-Up

Listen to Nancy Marshall interview industry leaders, top executives, media personalities & online influencers about PR & their personal brand.

Episode 214: For a Successful Client-Agency Relationship, Engagement Is Key

Nancy has worked with lots and lots of clients since opening her PR agency in 1991. In her experience, the key to a successful client relationship is engagement. Learn more in this episode.

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Episode 214

Episode 215: Promoting Maine’s History, With Amanda Pleau, Marketing and Communications Manager at Maine Maritime Museum

Maine’s history can be fun and accessible to all. In this episode, Amanda Pleau, marketing and communications manager at Maine Maritime Museum, talks about the work she is doing to spread the word about this amazing organization.

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Episode 216: 10 Things Business Professionals Can Learn From Queen Elizabeth II

Over her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II taught us many valuable lessons. Find out 10 things that professionals can learn from her in this episode.

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Episode 216

Episode 217: Changing Customer Perceptions in the Automotive Repair Industry With PR and Marketing, Featuring Lynn Campbell, Director of Marketing, Advertising and CRM at VIP Tires & Service

Find out how a leading automotive repair company in New England is giving customers control in seemingly uncontrollable situations and what role marketing plays.

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Lynn Campbell

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