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PR Maven® Podcast | August 2020 Wrap-Up

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The PR Maven® Podcast August Wrap-Up

Listen to Nancy Marshall interview industry leaders, top executives, media personalities & online influencers about PR & their personal brand.

Episode 103: Ten Tips for Marketing During COVID-19

Need some help figuring out what you should be doing to market your small business during COVID-19? This episode has you covered with 10 helpful tips.

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Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven® and founder & CEO of Marshall Communications

Episode 104: How to grow an already established brand, with Karl Strand, general manager at Sugarloaf

Looking to continue growing your strong brand? Listen to this episode with Karl Strand, general manager at Sugarloaf, to learn how Sugarloaf has maintained its loyal audience.

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Episode 105: How family-owned businesses can build a unique brand, with Lindsay Skilling, CEO of Gifford’s Ice Cream

Ever wonder how to make your family business into a beloved brand? In this episode, Nancy interviews Lindsay Skilling, CEO of Giffords, who describes the family business and what makes the brand unique.

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Gifford's Ice Cream

Episode 106: Telling the stories of Maine, with Erin Ovalle, host of Maine Life

We love Maine and so does this episode’s guest! Erin Ovalle, founder of Maine Life Media, shares what makes Maine so special and what it is like being an entrepreneur.

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