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Here's what's included
in the Message Map Mastery Online Course!

4 Video Training Modules

  1. Introduction to message mapping
  2. Crafting your key message, or XYZ statement
  3. Crafting your supporting messages
  4. Implementing your map as a communications tool


  • 24 page Message Mapping workbook
  • Additional media resources, tips, and training
  • Marketing Plan eBook
  • Bonus: COVID-19 crisis response message map lesson

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The Course

Master Your Message

Message Map video course

Learn from decades of experience with the media and marketing master in 4 interactive training videos, where Nancy will walk you through the process of building and using your own key message maps.

In addition to Nancy’s expert guidance, you will also receive a wealth of resources, tips, tools, and guides to support your overall marketing and media plan.

Business Message Map and Marketing Course

When your word is your bond, and your brand... it's important to get it right!

I can’t believe They just said that.

Imagine the embarrassment of someone at your organization saying something in a media interview or other public forum that reflects your company poorly.


Maybe that’s already happened… 
Perhaps you’re cringing right now because you know it’s just a matter of time before it does.

Nancy covers this and more in her Message Map Mastery video course with expert tips and real life examples on:

  • Crafting a cohesive, effective message 
  • Developing your message map into a useful tool
  • How to use your message map in a variety of ways and situations

We believe Message Maps are KEY to the success of every organization!
This is why we created this comprehensive online course to go deep into all the details of how you can leverage the power of a strategically designed Message.


Put Your Message Map to Work

Do it right the first time – and you’ll get everyone singing from the same song book.

teambuilding, message map

Discover the Versatility of Message Maps

Want to grow your client or customer base?

Increase brand awareness?

Tell your unique story effectively?

The goal…
Persuade? Sell? Inform?

But in the era of TMI – Too Much Information – it’s not that easy to reach your target audience. 

People are bombarded every second on social media… with in-your-face billboards… annoying texts & phone calls… TV & print ads.

If you want to have any hope of reaching your ideal consumer, you MUST establish trust first.

The Method…

The FIRST and most VITAL step is to map out the key messages that you hope will resonate with your market.

Unless you map out the right messages, you have ZERO chance of employing the power of persuasion.

Our training isn’t just revolutionary – it’s pretty flexible, too!
From anywhere in the world, you can access the course materials on YOUR terms, anytime.

Tap into our decades of PR experience to craft your winning Message Map and achieve your strategic visions.

Straight from The PR Maven®

If you’re serious about reaching your audience effectively & you need all the know-how you can get your hands on, my brand-new course will give you what you need to create Message Maps like a PRO:

Insider insight

Professional expertise

Innovative strategies

Real Live Examples

Wondering exactly what you’ll learn? Here’s a sneak peek:

Module 1

Introduction to message mapping

Learn more about what a message map is, the components that make up a successful map, when you might need to create one, and how they have been used by countless businesses in the past.

Module 2

Crafting your key message, or XYZ statement

Your key message, or XYZ statement, is the heart of your Message Map. Nancy will guide participants through the process of identifying and creating a unique Key Message that will serve at the core of marketing and media.

Module 3

Crafting your supporting messages

After identifying and creating yoru key message, Nancy gets to work with all the supporting details that will keep you message on point and avoid any surprises.

Module 4

Implementing your map as a communications tool

Finally, Nancy walks participants though the process of implementation. with ideas and use cases for internal training, events, marketing, sales, and even catastrophic events. You will finish this course feeling like a pro!


Crisis Management

In the wake of COVID-19, we can all relate to crisis management, quick crisis response, and the need for clear communication. As a bonus lesson, Nancy will use this experience to discuss catastrophe PR and how to stay on message in any situation.

This is a $4,000 Value!

Yours for JUST $147!

"Communicating is easy; communicating strategically is much harder."
- Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven®

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