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Here's what's included
in the Message Map Mastery Online Course!

4 Video Training Modules

  1. Introduction to message mapping
  2. Crafting your key message, or XYZ statement
  3. Crafting your supporting proof points
  4. Implementing your map as a communications tool for maximum impact and influence! 


  • 24 page interactive Message Mapping workbook
  • Additional media resources, pro tips, and training
  • Marketing Plan eBook
  • Bonus: COVID-19 crisis management response lesson
"Nancy's Message Map training was hands-down the best educational/training session we’ve done in my tenure here at the chamber. It was informative and constructive — thank you, so much! Well designed, really, in hindsight with a good blend of theory, experience with the City example, and then the workshop … a pretty impactful hour, hopefully, for the attendees! People were quite complimentary on the way out, which was nice to hear."
Jim LaBelle
Executive Director, Biddeford & Saco Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Why a Message Map?
What's the Key?

Message maps hook the interest of your audience, providing clarity, while creating company-wide consistency. Plus, they provide an effective way to simplify and streamline your message by presenting it visually.

Well-designed message maps leave an impression or 'hook' your audience in the first 7 seconds

A message map is versatile enough to be used for both businesses & individuals looking to improve communications

You decide: your message and your map can be simple or elaborate, depending on your needs and your audience

A message map enables you to tell your story clearly, maximizing influence, as you intended

"Your brand is a promise you make to deliver on your unique value proposition."
Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven® and founder & CEO of Marshall Communications
Nancy Marshall
The PR Maven®

A message map should be the foundation of all of your communications, public relations and marketing efforts.

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Create a Key Message Map

Create your branding key message map
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Get Your Creativity On!
Put Your Message Map to Work

One Point can make all the difference!

Influence is maximized by Stories clearly crafted and communicated around a core message and key points that support it.

Well crafted Brand Manifestos and Brand Stories are born out of a deep understanding for the core message and key points that support it.

Your key message map can be used to drive New Product announcements and Brand Launches that remain succinct with your overall mission.

Your message map can guide design plans, and the message itself can be incorporated into web and graphic design elements.

Speeches, Interviews, Media, and Press Releases, including Crisis Communications, are strategic moments to utilize a well designed message map that will help keep you on point.

Media training is more effective and concise when a well planned message map is reinforced consistently. It’s your opportunity to get everyone singing from the same song sheet.

Sales are easier and sales teams are more effective when they understand the company mission and the products. A well planned and communicated message map helps ensure sales quality from start to finish.

Straight from The PR Maven®

If you’re serious about reaching and engaging your audience effectively & you need all the know-how you can get your hands on, this course will give you what you need to create Message Maps like a PRO:

Insider insight

Professional expertise

Innovative strategies

Real Live Examples

Wondering exactly what you’ll learn? Here’s a sneak peek:

Module 1

Introduction to message mapping

Learn more about what a message map is, the components that make up a successful map, when you might need to create one, and how they have been used by countless businesses, individuals, and organizations in the past.

Module 2

Crafting your key message, or XYZ statement

Your key message, or XYZ statement, is the heart of your Message Map. Nancy will guide participants through the process of identifying and creating a unique Key Message that will serve as the core influence of marketing and media.

Module 3

Crafting your supporting messages

After identifying and creating your key message, Nancy gets to work with all the supporting details that will keep your message on point, improve influence, prove expertise, and avoid any surprises.

Module 4

Implementing your map as a communications tool

Finally, Nancy walks participants though the process of implementation. With ideas and use cases for internal training, events, interviews, press and media, marketing, sales, and even catastrophic events. You will finish this course feeling like a communications pro!


Crisis Management

In the wake of COVID-19, business closures, protests, and all that 2020 has dished out, we can all relate to crisis management and the need for clear communication. As a bonus lesson, Nancy will use her experience, as well as recent events, to discuss catastrophe PR and how to stay on message and present a clear intent in any situation.

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"Communicating is easy; communicating strategically is much harder."
- Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven®

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