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Here's what's included
in the Marketing during COVID Online Course!

4 Video Training Modules

  1. Using technology to retain your network

  2. Interacting with customers and redefining your goals

  3. Updating your information to make things simple for customers

  4. New customer priorities


COVID-19 crisis response eBook

Ready to embrace Adaptability, Empathy and Action?

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The Course

Successful Marketing in times of Crisis.

Covid-19 Marketing Tips training course

Learn to embrace adaptability, empathy and action, in 4 interactive training videos, led by members of Nancy’s team, Kat Child & Emma Dimock, as they walk you through the 10 Tips To Promote Your Small Business During Covid-19.

You will receive expert guidance, tips, and tools to support your overall marketing and media plan. Discover how to get through this unprecedented time like a pro.

COVID-19 Marketing Plan | Marketing Online

The world as we knew it ended...

…ironically, on Friday, March 13. That was the day that businesses, schools and institutions started to close down due to the global pandemic caused by the Novel CoronaVirus.

Now, as businesses start opening up again, the economy is entering a recession, and for many businesses, the Payroll Protection Act money is running out. It is time for businesses to crawl out of the deep hole created by the pandemic in order to avoid long-lasting damage or even failure.

Customers will crave your 'brand touch'
in a 'touchless' society.

Discover success,
even in these tough times

Grow your client or customer base.

Increase brand awareness.

Tell your unique story effectively.

From The PR Maven®
and Marshall Communications

Wondering exactly what you’ll learn? Here’s a sneak peek:

Module 1

Using Technology to
Retain Your Network

You'll need to technology to maximize your brand potential by optimizing your reach, impact, communications, and connections​. This module with cover tips to engagement and tech savvy.

Module 2

Interacting with Customers and
Redefining Your Goals

It's time to get creative with your brand experience and re-identify with your customers' needs, as well as your own company goals. This module will offer you tips on updating your 'brand touch' and your vision.

Module 3

Updating Your Information to
Make Things Simple for Customers

With all the stress around the changes happening in the world today, this module will help you explore ways that your business can combat overwhelm and show empathy, by making things easier for those that interact with you and your brand.

Module 4

Discovering and Understading
New Customer Priorities

In this module, we will explore the shift in public opinions and priorities, as people re-assess their needs and experience change at a rate rarely seen in our lifetime. These tips show you how your business and brand can help meet the demand for tranquility.


Added Guidance and Checklists

23 pages of guidance and checklist to help you navigate and implement
each of the tips and tools we share during our video lessons.

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"Communicating is easy; communicating strategically is much harder."
- Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven®

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