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Helping people discover and build their personal brand is something that I’m passionate about.

The benefits are huge, both professionally and personally. You are a unique, distinctive individual with a unique, individual brand — I’d like to help you ‘package’ it so that others will find it and recognize it, and get to know, like and trust you.

Please get in touch and let’s discuss the process.

Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven®
151 Capitol Street, Suite One
Augusta, ME 04330
(207) 623-4177


Next Steps

Fill out this contact form and I will give you a call. We will talk about your goals, your current situation, and your timeframe.

We will talk about how my process will help you reach your goals and how we might work together.

If we agree to move ahead, I will provide you with an email outlining deliverables, then we will discuss again.

At that point, I will provide a proposal/ agreement letter and we will get started! That’s when the fun begins…

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a personal brand?

Everyone! Most of all, those who are passionate about their careers and their lives. Personal branding makes you more discoverable, memorable and happier in your life and career. You need to differentiate yourself from all the other people who do the same thing you do.

You want to be the one that others remember when they need what you offer. Whether you are a banker, a realtor, an author, a business owner or an athlete, if someone is looking for ‘the’ person who does what you do, you want to be discoverable. Personal branding defines the story that makes you absolutely unique and memorable. It helps you put the stake in your ground for your superpower and allows others to find you online.

Is there a consultation charge?

No, there is no consultation charge. I would be happy to connect with you to discuss our offerings. Simply enter your contact information above and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How long does the 12 step process take to complete?

It is best to take a full year to complete the process. By taking one year to complete the 12 step process, each step can be thoroughly researched, crafted and personalized to ensure the highest quality results.


How much does it all cost?


Personal branding is an investment over time that will deliver a return on investment if done properly. It requires a commitment from both of us. The investment on an an nu al basis will be in the neighborhood of $40,000 to $60,000 depending on the extent of the program.


What is offered in the Message Mapping Mastery Course?

The Message Mapping Mastery Course offers four unique modules taking you through the process of creating and using a message map. The first module is an introduction to message mapping, detailing the different components that make up a message map, what you might need to create one and how other businesses have used them. Module two kicks off the creation process by focusing on the key message which will become the basis from the supporting messages creating in module three. After learning how to craft supporting messages in module three, module four describes the different ways you can use your message map for your business or personal brand. Learn more about the Message Mapping Mastery Course here.

What is the PR Maven® Podcast about?

On the PR Maven® Podcast, I discuss personal branding, public relations, marketing, social media and tourism with my distinguished guests or provide helpful industry tips through solocasts. The main theme that can be seen throughout the podcast is all about using a combination of traditional networking techniques and the power of social media to help you build your personal and professional brand. A new episode is released each Tuesday. Stay up to date on the podcast by joining PR Maven® Nation, enabling our Alexa flash briefing or by visiting our Podcasts page.

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