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As a thought leader, Nancy has shared her experiences, advice, and valuable lessons in two books (so far). The books are available on

Grow Your Audience,
Grow Your Brand

Growing an audience involves content marketing, networking, identifying target audiences, establishing your brand story, and implementing repeatable processes so you can deliver the same brand experience over and over again.

Nancy shares her thirty-plus years of experience in telling brand stories to build brands through traditional and online networking techniques. Nancy herself uses social media, including Linked In, and the newest techniques in podcasting to create cornerstone and cobblestone content, as well as working the room at networking events.

Nancy’s experience has helped her create Maine’s largest public relations agency and building iconic brands. as well as an award-winning personal branding podcast called The PR Maven® Podcast.

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PR Works!

How to Create, Implement and Leverage a Public Relations Program for your Small Business

PR WORKS! is a guide for small business owners who are looking to put together a PR strategy that combines the best of old-fashioned relationship building with all the new social media net­working techniques.

This book emphasizes the importance of having a strategy to ensure all initiatives are communi­cating the same messages and working toward the same goal.

It also provides a detailed outline of what the strategy should look like and methods of measur­ing success. The outline is based on Nancy’s own Marshall Plan® process, a system she created to help her clients develop measurable PR stratagies tailored to their organizational goals.

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Upcoming Book Events

Join Nancy Marshall, the PR Maven® and author of GROW YOUR AUDIENCE, GROW YOUR BRAND for interactive author talks on Zoom. Nancy will explain what a personal brand is and how it can help you define who you are and how you are perceived by others in your personal and professional life. She will talk about growing your personal brand through traditional and digital networking methods. She will talk about her career path, including her deep roots in Maine that have become an integral part of her personal brand. She will also touch on many other subjects and stories from her new book, GROW YOUR AUDIENCE, GROW YOUR BRAND.

As the author of two books, including her first book, PR WORKS!, Nancy will talk about the self-publishing process and share some tips, including how to get your book listed on Amazon. During the 45-minute conversation, she will share actionable advice for business owners to promote themselves in a cost-effective way to grow their audience and their brand. Nancy will also answer questions from the attendees. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from one of Maine’s top public relations and personal branding experts.

Please check back for upcoming events.

Click here to see the video of the Lithgow Library Book Talk from September 14, 2020.

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