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Nancy Marshall - Expert presentations on Public Relations and Personal Branding

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I’m Nancy Marshall, the PR Maven ®. I have decades of experience in helping people be well known for their superpower. This site is all about helping you do the same.

With my books, speaking engagements, online courses, personal branding services and The PR Maven ® Podcast, I am here to share my experience with you to make you more memorable, more findable and more successful.

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The key to success and happiness is attracting the right people into your life. I have developed methods that combine the amazing power of search engine optimization with networking, both online and in person. Even if you are shy, I can help you with techniques to attract and engage the right people into your business and life.

Whether you are looking for clients or customers, friends or family, investors, mentors or employees, The PR Maven ® is all about telling your unique story of your superpowers in order to attract the right people for business or for the pursuit of happiness.

Please check out my podcast, my books, and my 12-step method for personal branding. It’s a long-term process so we cannot expect overnight success, however simply engaging in the process gives you focus, and focus gives you a sense of purpose in life. Having a purpose is part of what attracts the right people into your life. I am so passionate about this process that I want to share it with you. That’s why I started the PR Maven ® Podcast and that’s why I want to work with you

The PR Maven ® offers:
  • PR Maven ® Podcast
  • Online Courses
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Personal Branding Consulting
  • Crisis Communications Training
  • Media Training
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Hear from Mike Dugay at Thomas College about The PR Maven® Podcast:

Hear from Mike Dugay at Thomas College about Grow Your Audience, Grow Your Brand:

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The PR Maven ® Podcast is about using a combination of traditional networking techniques and the power of social media to help you build your personal and professional brand.Subscribe on:

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Nancy’s presentation style is informative, fun and always lively. She engages audiences and keeps them interested, and uses real-life examples and anecdotes to make the information current and relevant. Up to date with current industry trends, Nancy strives to provide participants with useful information that they can use immediately in their own business and personal life.

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Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven - Personal Branding and Public Relations Expert

Have you read Nancy’s latest book,

Learn more about this book and her first book, PR Works! How to Create, Implement and Leverage a Public Relations Program for your Small Business.

Ready to captivate your audience and expertly position your brand?


Courses include:

  • Detailed videos covering each module
  • Digital workbooks
  • Additional media resources, tips, and training

Take a look at the the available courses to discover what you could learn.

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