Use Social Media as Headphones, Not a Microphone

Social media is a great way to broaden your network and attract new customers and clients. But most people think of social media as a way to broadcast their news, not as a listening tool to hear what people are thinking.

On social media, be the headphones not the microphoneWhen people are willing to friend or follow you, they are willing to invest time in your brand, whether it’s your personal brand or an organizational brand. They value the relationship enough to read your posts, look at your photos and videos and like or share your content.

These people are also willing to give you feedback on your products and services. So please consider using social media as headphones and listen to what people are thinking about you and your brand.

Consider questions like this:

  1. What do you think of this new product (or service)?
  2. Would you like to share your story of working with me (or your business)?
  3. Do you have a photo to share from your time working with us/me?
  4. Have you seen this new product/feature/service yet (accompanied with a video)?

These kinds of questions (and more) will increase your engagement and your clients’ or customers’ brand loyalty.

People love to share their opinions and social media is a great way to learn more about how you’re doing! In other words, it’s best to grow bigger ears and a smaller mouth when using social media for your brand.

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