Using Facebook and Twitter to Pitch Stories

Those who work in public relations are always looking for effective ways to pitch stories for their clients. Traditionally, this has meant sending out emails and picking up the phone to give journalists and editors a call. But now, thanks to the popularity of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, there is another way to reach and pitch people.

However, PR people need to be very careful about the way they approach social media as a pitching tool, as Mashable notes. While it can be an effective way to reach people, it’s also possible to step on some virtual… Continue reading

Be the Best Version of You

From the age of 13 to 22, I attended a summer camp in New Hampshire called Camp Merrowvista every summer for at least one month, and in the later years, for the entire summer as a staff member.

My friend Lisa Robinson and I in the Pemigewasset Wilderness while at Camp Merrowvista in 1976.

My friend, Lisa Robinson, and I in the Pemigewasset Wilderness while at Camp Merrowvista in 1976.

Merrowvista is part of the American Youth Foundation, which focuses on training youth for leadership roles in life. Their motto is, “My own self, at my very best, all the time.”

Camp Merrowvista

The amphitheater at Camp Merrowvista.

I learned more from my summers at camp that… Continue reading

How NOT to do SEO for your site and yourself

One of the goals of personal branding is optimizing your name so when people search for you on Google or other search engines, there are numerous sites that come up with good content about you. If you have a common name like Mary Smith or John Jones, you need to work even harder to be sure that results come up about YOU and not someone else who shares the same name. I share a name with famous NPR broadcaster Nancy Marshall-Genzer, so I always have to work to be sure that people can find me online, and not the OTHER… Continue reading

5 tips for “existing” on the Web

Recently, I was approached by a freelance PR person who wanted to work with my agency as a subcontractor. As I always do when on the phone with someone I have never met before, I Google searched her name.

I couldn’t find anything.

I asked how she spelled her name, thinking perhaps I had misspelled it, and still nothing.

Then, I told her that if we were going to approach clients as a team, we would need to be sure we had an online presence that represented our affiliation and partnership. She said, and I quote, “Oh, that online stuff,… Continue reading

You are invited to join the NMC team for a morning of workshops

NMC Workshop flyerFive members of the Nancy Marshall Communications team will be presenting a series of 30-minute workshops next Wednesday, August 13 at The Senator Inn on Western Avenue in Augusta, Maine. Admission is free for our clients and friends (that means you), but you must RSVP by calling 207-623-4177 or emailing

I will be giving the first workshop of the day about Modern-Day PR and Personal Branding. I’m going to talk about how PR is no longer just targeted at the news media. Essentially, we are all publishers who can build up our own audience of our targeted… Continue reading

Create a Google Alert for Yourself

This is an example of a Google Alert for our client Carrabassett Valley Academy.

This is an example of a Google Alert for our client Carrabassett Valley Academy.

Have you Google searched your own name to see how you show up in the search results? This is a good idea. In personal branding, your goal should be to be sure that there are lots of good websites that include your name in a positive light.

Google offers Google Alerts as a tremendously valuable free service that tracks any mentions of your name online. Go to and create an alert for your name, as well as your affiliations such as company name or your… Continue reading

Audit and Enhance Your Personal Brand in Six Easy Steps

Everyone has a personal brand, whether they are intentional about developing and managing it or not. Your personal brand is what makes you unique and memorable. It is who people believe you to be and what they think they can expect from you, whether they see you in the grocery store or at a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Nancy (right) working with personal branding client Amber Lambke and farmer Justin Tessier at the Skowhegan Farmer's Market. Amber is founder of Maine Grains.

Nancy (right) working with personal branding client Amber Lambke and farmer Jason Tessier at the Skowhegan Farmer’s Market. Amber is founder of Maine Grains. Photo courtesy Megan Dichter.

Pro athlete, celebrity, business executive, entrepreneur, real estate agent, community activist, or salesperson:… Continue reading

Feeling like a Candidate for Governor as I Speak to Groups Around Maine

I am not running for Governor, however, in the past two weeks, I have spoken to groups in 12 communities around the state of Maine, which might be as many as some of the gubernatorial candidates! I’ve been speaking to groups of business owners about topics that I’m really passionate about, including using the Internet to market and grow your business, as well as personal branding, social media and public relations.

Emily MacCabe and Nancy Marshall

Emily MacCabe from Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife put together the panel on social media for the 70th Annual Northeast Fish & Wildlife Conference in April.

Through… Continue reading

Web Marketing Terms Glossary

For a series of speaking engagements on “How to Grow Your Business on the Internet,” I developed this glossary of Web marketing terms; I thought you might be interested in having the terms and definitions. If you are interested in having me come and give this presentation to your group, feel free to contact me at

Website and Internet Terms for Business Owners

Analytics – Data or statistics associated with your website. Some examples are number of visitors, average time each visitor spends on your website, and percent of new visitors.

Bandwidth – An indication of how quickly… Continue reading

Surprise, Surprise! Google is Now Basing its Rankings on What Humans Want

Three Key Takeaways from a new book
on SEO in 2014 & Beyond

For many years now, search engine optimization has seemed like a mysterious science, where only the tech geeks worked their magic to make websites rise to the top in search rankings. Well, I have good news for all of us mere mortals. Google is now basing its rankings on what real humans want, not the spiders or bots or other mysterious creatures that live on the web.

SEO 2014 & BeyondMatthew Rideout, our interactive marketing manager at NMC, recently recommended that we all read this new book, SEO 2014 &… Continue reading

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