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Put Your Stake in the Ground: Establish Your Unique Point of View

Fly fishingPersonal branding is all about differentiating yourself from all the other people who do the same thing you do. In April, I am going to speak to a group of outdoor guides who are affiliated with my client Orvis. I am preparing my presentation now, and it’s going to be all about how guides can differentiate themselves. Here are some examples of unique points of view that an Orvis-endorsed outdoor guide could use to differentiate him or herself:

  • Devoted to preserving the environment
  • Promoting women and fly fishing
  • Sharing the love of the great state of Maine with fly fishing… Continue reading

Harnessing the Power of Conversational Marketing — The Conclusion

Elements of a Conversational Marketing Campaign
As with any marketing strategy, a comprehensive approach will generate far more results than putting all of your eggs into one basket. Following is a list of standard marketing strategies we’ve approached from the conversational marketing perspective:

Surveys: Get to know your customer first. Don’t make the mistake of assuming. Find out what they think about you. Discover their passions and needs. Determine what drives their buying decisions. Use this information to establish your key messages. Continue to query contacts often. If their perception changes, for the good or for the bad, you need… Continue reading

Harnessing the Power of Conversational Marketing — Part Two

The Power of People
Thumbs upThough the basic principles of conversational marketing have remained unchanged, technology has vastly extended its reach. We can now communicate across the globe at light speed. People are talking again. Social media has enabled us to exchange opinions about anything, from our favorite brand of ice cream to the President’s performance, for the world to read. Databases allow us to track information about our customers so we can group them in niche segments and communicate with them on a more personal level. People expect to receive information and messages that are relevant to their interests. Consumers… Continue reading

Harnessing the Power of Conversational Marketing — Part One

CocktailsConsider this scenario: You arrive at an after-work cocktail party. You see Joan from the office heading in your direction. Mark, another co-worker, walks in behind you. Who do you speak to first?

From past experience, you know Joan will talk about her winning golf game, her genius son, and the long hours she’s been putting in for the company. You also know her eyes will be scanning the room throughout the conversation. Mark, on the other hand, will ask about your family. Both of you love travel, and the two of you could trade trip stories for hours. Mark… Continue reading

Seven Steps to Telling Your Company’s Story

Brand Story InfographicStorytelling is a big theme in marketing today, yet few businesses recognize the power a compelling company story can have in building consumer trust and increasing sales.

A company’s story is a narrative about what it does, what it stands for, and what makes it exceptional. Great company stories are designed to inspire, creating a strong connection over time with customers and other audiences you want to influence and appeal to.

Told effectively, a company story is a bit like a great novella you can’t put down until you’ve finished and are eager to share with your peers. The key… Continue reading

Are you an influencer?

InfluencerIn this day and age, positioning yourself as an expert in your field is an important step in increasing your influence. When you are an “influencer,” you have advantages in business. Why?


  • You have a broader personal and professional network
  • You are active on social networks and have lots of friends and followers who are eager to consume and share your content
  • More people will refer and recommend you
  • You are more liked and trusted, which translates into more business opportunities
  • You are sought after for your opinions and recommendations
  • Clients and customers feel like they know, like and… Continue reading

Who’s Holding the Monkey?

MonkeyRecently, I attended a conference and met a vendor whose services interested me. The vendor’s sales representative said to me,

Here, I’ll give you my card, and you can send me your email address, then I’ll send you some information.”

Hmm, I thought. I wonder how much money this company is investing to have this sales person at this show.

I was totally flabbergasted that he didn’t just offer to take my card and send me a follow-up message. He left me “holding the monkey” and I was so surprised that I decided not to follow up. I just felt… Continue reading

To Do Lists for Extreme Extroverts: Make it About Who to Talk to Rather than Things to Do

I admit it. I am an extreme extrovert. I love talking to people, meeting new people, connecting with people and having fun with people. For me, life is about the people I know, the people I admire, and ultimately the people I love.

To-do list for extrovertsSo, when I organize my ‘to do’ list as a ‘people to talk to’ list, it’s a lot more palatable.

When you think about it, many of your tasks are about talking to others. Here are ten examples of various professions and how their jobs involve talking to other people rather than working alone:

  1. Sales: Perhaps… Continue reading

Nancy Marshall discusses social media on Maine Calling

I was pleased to be a guest on Maine Public’s “Maine Calling,” all about using social media to grow your brand. Jennifer Rooks was the host and I was one of three distinguished guests; we had a wonderful hour-long conversation about the ways small businesses are using social media to grow their brand network. Here is a link. Let me know what you think!

How Are You Broadening Your Professional Network?

By Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven®

Building your networkI spent some time this week with my friend Sue Boardman, who is vice president of sales at MassPay, a payroll management company. She is a sales powerhouse and is always working on moving clients from prospects to leads to actual customers. She is so focused and tenacious. She inspired me to think about how each of us moves our prospective clients or customers along the “customer journey” toward the destination of doing business with you.

One of the things Sue told me that I found the most interesting is that she asks prospects… Continue reading

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